Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast


A true Thanksgiving Feast with an Italian twist. Let us provide our take on the Turkey centerpiece for your dinner table with our most popular item: Organic Turkey Meatballs in Turkey Meat Sauce. With the most substantial sides possible, 2 dozen stuffed shells and 48oz of Pumpkin Square Ravioli, guests will be determined to not leave any leftovers.

Feeds 10

  1. Organic Turkey Meatballs (3 packs - 24 meatballs)

  2. Pumpkin Square Ravioli (3 packs - 48 oz)

  3. Stuffed Shells (2 packs - 24 shells)

  4. New England Cranberry Compote (2)

  5. Autumn Pumpkin Butter (2)

  6. Maple Onion Confit (2)

  7. Mini Monet Crackers (2 boxes)

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