Domenico's Foods
has been a long time in the making...

Created by Dominick Bartolomeo, it all started with my grandfather and I making marinated sun-dried tomatoes in his basement in New York when I was just a kid. This was not just any old recipe. It was an age-old recipe handed down through my family’s generations. As I got older, I dreamed of jarring and selling the tomatoes because they were like nothing anyone had ever tasted. Everyone who tried them raved about them. I knew this recipe was something special.

When I started working at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills in 2001, I immediately seized the opportunity of starting to make the tomatoes on my own, in hopes of being able to sell them at the shop. They were an immediate hit with customers and soon after, I was known as "The Tomato Guy.”

From there, my product line grew, adding Parmigiano Reggiano Stuffed Peppers, pestos, tapenades, sauces, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, and of course, fresh pasta. The demand for our products became so great that I began expanding outside the Cheese Store into local farmer’s markets. Thanks to our loyal “fans,” we are now selling in 15 Farmer’s Markets in the Los Angeles area and will be expanding into retail locations in the near future.